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    The main artery of northern Italy runs along the Via Emilia which provides quick and easy connections to all the major cities of Emilia-Romagna with Milan. Along this route, there are numerous hotels that enable tourists and business travellers to find accommodation that is quickly and easily accessible for all the major transport junctions. 

    In the middle of this main artery through northern Italy, you will find the city of Modena, a central town in Emilia Romagna, from which it is easy to reach all the other major cities in the region thanks to the proximity of the nearby motorway junctions.

    The CDH Hotel Modena is one of the most well situated hotels in the Modena Nord district for easy access to the motorway exit which is why the hotel has created a package of special offers that are specifically designed for busy travellers.

    This hotel in the Emilia Ovest district of Modena makes it possible for guests to book their accommodation in advance, taking advantage of the specially applied discounts which include breakfast, a 2 night stay with free cancellation and external parking spaces that are specifically reserved for the hotel’s guests.

    The CDH Hotel in Modena Nord is part of the Compagnia degli Hotel, a hotel chain that connects La Spezia, Parma, Modena, Bologna and Radda with facilities that focus on what the surrounding area has to offer, such as the local cuisine and fast connections without overlooking the needs of business travellers, thanks to the provision of meeting rooms and conference centres. 

    Book your stay at the Hotel in Emilia Ovest in Modena, one of the most attractive cities in Emilia-Romagna with fast connections from the Via Emilia to the other great cities and towns of the region.